A.E.I.O.U. 1886

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Authors: Filippos, ComradeFox, Abian36

Last revision: 10 Nov, 2019 at 17:34 UTC (1)

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The year is AD 1886 and the world is still under the domination of feudalism, chivalry, monarchism and clericalism. Religion is all mighty and plays the most important part in shaping people’s lives, the nobles fight in warfare and millions of serfs cultivate their land with the few primitive tools they posess, the same as those of their ancestors. Welcome to the world of AEIOU…

Currently it is recommended that you play in Europe and in the next few weeks we want to add OOBs to every country and improve the base mechanics. Following this we will work on creating unique content for major countries. If you find the mod incomplete, do not play it.

  • A very different world map created according to our lore and vision. A plethora of countries you can play as!
  • Stunning new portraits for almost every country made by our talented art team!
  • New mechanics for religion, politics, score and ledger.
  • A reworked infantry tech tree with new art to fit our timeline.
  • Formable nations such as Germany, the UK and Italy.
  • A changed interface to correspond with our artistic vision, in true high gothic form.
  • And much, much more…

The lore of AEIOU 1886 was made entirely by our team. Originally inspired to make a mod where the Habsburg family would dominate the world, we quickly came to the conclusion that we could take it one step further and create something completely new and original. This is where we devised that the industrial revolution would be delayed for a century and feudalism and serfdom would still remain prevalent.
The lore contains several PoDs throughout the past, mostly between the 1400s to the 1600s. The most important one is that the Timurid Invasion had less of an effect on the Ottomans, allowing them to capture Constantinople quicker and project themselves into Europe. The Ottomans Wars were very brutal resulting in delaying the renaissance and the preservation of chivalry. The resulting world was that of AEIOU 1886.

Yet AEIOU 1886 is not about the preservation of chivalry, but about change. In 1886 the steam engine is to be invented in Bohemia, and industrialization is already starting to take gear. The forces of the nobility and clergy that controlled Europe are now facing the attack of liberals and nationalists. The world is changing, and you will decide how it will change!
You are thrust as the leader of a country and you are free to do whatever you please, or to follow the storyline that we will create. If you want to spread Catholicism as Spain, do it! If you want to secularize everything as England, do it! You are free, and you can help create lore for the mod.

We want to thank the EoaNB team which gave us permission to use some of their graphical assets and systems.
We want to thank the TNO team which gave us permission to use their intro scripted gui.
We would like to thank the HoI IV modding cooperative and Yard1 for allowing us to use their division limiter.
We would like to thank StrategyGamer for helping us set up our systems.

The AEIOU dev team:
Abian 36, ComradeFox, Vapor, Rocking963v2, Grigori, LtSilence, Spuddatomic, Filippos, LordGoat10, Ace The Aviator, Ironwaffleman, Fedacking

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Current version: Pre-Release

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