Improved Austria-Hungary

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Author: Fart Shartley

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This mod seeks to improve a united Austria-Hungary in a similar way to how my "Improved Imperial Federation" sought to improve the united Commonwealth, by increasing the representation and role of the constituent nations, as well as allowing Austria-Hungary to grow stronger


Gain access to Austrian and Czech Expertise

-Depending on how you form Austria-Hungary, you will gain access to personnel and contractors from each of the constituent nations of the Empire

-Peacefully annexing Austria by Referendum and having Czechoslovakia agree to join you not only gives you the Austrian and Czech generals, but also unlocks their political advisers and companies to be hired

-annexing Austria or Czechoslovakia by war however, will only give you access to their companies.

-If Czechoslovakia agree to become a puppet instead of outright annexation, you will still gain their advisers and generals after annexing them via the autonomy system

Clearer Instructions in forming Austria-Hungary Peacefully

-Did you know that Austria ismore likely to accept annexation to form Austria-Hungary if you’ve completed the "Integrate the Railroads" focus? Or that their chance for acceptance grows with diplomatic opinion? How about that the Czech response to "Protect Czechoslovakia" becomes more favourable if there is over 20% World Tension, or if Germany is pressing claims? Well, now relevant focuses in the "Habsburg Prince" Tree actually tell you that!

New Commanders

-Adds unique leaders, advisers and research and production companies to Austria, making them a more fleshed-out country (no focus tree however – you still need to start as Hungary)

-Adds some more commanders to Hungary and Czechoslovakia as well to balance out the increased Austrian influence in the Empire

More Flavour and Customisation for your army

-Austria-Hungary can now make use of namelists for Austrian and Czechoslovak divisions if desired. These namelists can also be disabled by decision to leave only the unified Austrian-Hungarian namelists that mimics the divisional structure from before the dissolution of the empire

More flexibility in coring parts of the Empire

-In vanilla HoI 4, there is only one decision to core former territories of the Empire that lie outside the borders of Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia, which needs you to reclaim all of the territory before you can core it. This decision is free to take, but requires you to conquer a lot of land before anything can be done. Now, there are granular decisions, which allow you to core individual parts of the Austo-Hungarian Empire for an investment of political power, and a small loss of stability

-You can also now core Herzegovina (by either decision), which seems to have been missed out in the BftB update.

Bring the Band Back Together

– Since Austria-Hungary was added with Death or Dishonour, Both Germany (WTT) and the Ottomans (BftB) have ways of aiding the restoration of Austria-Hungary. Now, you can return the favour, with decisions to invite both the Kaiser and the Sultan over, so that you can plan restorationist coups

Resurrect the Holy Roman Empire…

-In Vanilla, only Germany can restore the HRE under specific circumstances. Now, the Habsburgs can also restore their title lost to Napoleon, seeking to restore the Holy Roman Empire with conquests in Germany, Italy, and France. These territories then can too, be cored, turning you into an even stronger European Superpower! (Requires Waking the Tiger)

…Or Federate the Empire to Expand Eastwards!

-Instead of pursuing the titles of centuries past, you can instead focus eastwards, reviving the ideas of trialism and federalism intended to stabilise the multi-ethnic empire and undermine pan-slavic resistance in the Balkans, continuing the efforts being made by Austria-Hungary prior to their defeat in the great war

Possible Conflicts

– This mod makes minor changes to the Hungarian Focus Tree, Hungarian, Austrian, and Czechoslovak starting situations, and minor changes to hungarian events. Any mods that change these will likely be incompatible

Compatibility Modules

My integrate Commanders mod:

Beautiful States Reborn:


-Some portrait art for generals taken and edited from Kaiserreich

-Some Austrian Portraits taken from Austrian Awakening by Kaiser Augustus:

-Some portraits of German nobility taken from the collections of the Monarchies Expanded mod:

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor

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