OWB: Vault City Expanded

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Author: Tumor

Last revision: 21 Dec, 2020 at 14:26 UTC

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An expanded focus tree for Vault City, restoring expansion foci that were removed in a previous OWB update and adding more!

The expansion tree now has 4 branches, one for each of the cardinal directions. You can now expand South (Yakuza Territory -> New Vegas) and West (Antelope Tribe -> Klamath).

There are also focuses that let you expand further beyond the original focuses, optionally feeding these new territories to neighboring vassal states.

These are: Cyclops Tribe -> Chemult Station, Shoshone Nation -> Bone Dancer Tribe, Pale Folk -> East Port, and Riperult Territory -> Ruby Valley Refuge.

Finally, a new faction focus exists that allows you to form the Vault Federation, rather than joining another faction. This requires you to have at least one vassal.

Now including some features from the defunct Vault-Tec Calling submod! (with permission, of course) New focuses, advisers, and decisions have been included!

New focus branches dedicated to each faction you can join, granting unique boons for membership in The Nevada Pact, NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, Masters Army, Vault Federation, and even the ability to forego factions entirely and rebuild The Enclave!

You can now recruit the leaders of puppets as commanders too.

Also now compatible with the Pale Folk submod. Assuming my changes take precedence, there should be no issue using both!

Plans for the Future*:
– A Washington Brotherhood path.
– Creating a historical ai focus path.
– Update some focuses to interact with the caps economy.
– Let Vault City get Vault-Tec Power Armor.
– Have Vault City interact with other Vault civilizations.
– Expanded domestic focus tree.

* Stated plans are not a promise. I may drop this mod at any time, though I don’t plan to at the moment.

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