Equestria at War Super Events

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Author: Soldadik

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Equestria at War – Super Events

This mod adds super-events (like in TNO) to the Equestria at War mod.

Supported Languages:
– Russian
– English

List of super events:
WARNING! Some events may contain spoilers!

  • The Great War
  • Equestrian/Solar/Lunar/Stalliongrad/Changelings Victory
  • Equestria in exile strikes back
  • Return of Sombra
  • Sombra’s victory in the Crystal War
  • Equestrian Civil War
  • Daybreaker Ascends
  • Equestrian Civil War – War of the Two Sisters
  • Death of Grover V
  • Lord Protector
  • Lord Protector unites Herzland
  • Aquileian Revolution
  • Triumph of the Republican Dream – for Harmonists
  • Triumph of the Republican Dream – for Communists
  • Triumph of the Republican Dream – for Neutrality
  • Triumph of the Republican Dream – for Supremacists
  • Death of the Republican Dream
  • Grover VI coronation
  • River Federation – United by Harmonists/Communists/Supremacists/Neutrals
  • River Empire
  • Thorax Win Civil War
  • Stalliongrad marches on Canterlot
  • Stalliongrad Unites Equestria
  • Stalliongrad Defeated
  • Dread League Victory
  • Pan Griffonian Commonwealth (Skynavia)
  • World Socialist Republic (Stalliongrad)
  • Karthinian Empire (Wingbardy)
  • Workers’ Empire (Wingbardy)
  • Holy Pony Empire (River Empire)
  • Ost-Griffonian Empire (Hellquill)
  • War between Griffonian Empire and River Coalition
  • War of two continents – for Equestria/Changelings/Stalliongrad vs Griffonian Empire
  • Equestrian Liberation Front Uprising
  • Equestrian Liberation Front Victory
  • Equestrian Liberation Front Defeat
  • Twilight Sparkle Coronation
  • Chrysalis Coronation
  • Grover II resurrection
  • Grover II Unites Herzland
  • Eternal Vengeance (Abba Powner – Longsword)
  • Griffking Empire (Golden Morning – Longsword)

If you want to trigger the event manually, then use the following ids: eaw_superevents.1 – 52.
Full list of ids you can find in file eventsSuperEvents.txt
For example: event eaw_superevents.5 – this will trigger "The Great War" super event.

A complete list of music and images used in the mod is in the credits.txt file.

Thanks to EaW Team for their mod!
Thanks to TNO team for idea and example!
Thanks to the artists whose work I used to create this mod!

Required items:

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