Soviet Overhaul [Early Alpha]

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Author: vadorgrafett

Last revision: 10 Jan at 18:22 UTC

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Soviet Overhaul is a major mod that attempts to rework the gameplay as the USSR, while also trying to keep the delicate balance between realism and fun somewhat intact.

Crush the fascist Germans with Joseph Stalin as your leader and additional buffs to help you or counter the aforementioned tyrant by uniting the people, the Red Army and the Communist Party — so that you can bring Nikolai Bukharin, Nikita Khruschev or even Alexandra Kollontai to power — and crush the Germans as well. Or the Western imperialists. It should be fun either way when you have 120 focuses instead of lame 57.

Before someone asks, no, I’m not really going to add any other alternative historical paths. Remember that the officers’ coup being a reality is already a huge stretch.

The mod is in early alpha (or even pre-alpha) stage and therefore is unfortunately not properly playable (but you still can try). However, the work is still in progress.