Warlord Arcade Mod

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Author: Gobbe

Last revision: 16 Feb at 17:04 UTC

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What is this:

This mod turns the mess of the Chinese warlords into an arcade. Fight other players on warlords with border conflicts to get bigger and rule China, though maybe at the cost of Chiang Kai Shek’s ability to repell Japan.

The way the mod is meant to be played:

Try to not justify but instead utilize the border conflict mechanic to expand your territory, lower costs and cooldowns have been added so they are easier to use. Every warlord will have the option to join the united front if it is formed.

No new updates will take place until at least the 7th of march due to travel, i will try to spend some time on preparing content for that date though.

This mod contains the following:

-100+ new states with logically divided manpower, factories and building slots, based on observations from google maps
-10+ new decisions to get an edge in certain areas over other warlords
-(currently 3) formable nations
-custom country names, flags, portraits, armies
-subjugated warlords turn into "provinces"
-tons of new cities

Future plans:

-Balancing of resources
-A new kind of focus tree to allow for Monarchist paths with appeal to both the Qing and new dynasties
-Event chain for the Islamic rebellion in Sinkiang (1937)
-More countries as communist cells that will move towards the Yan’an base over time and be able to get annexed by Mao’s pocket.
-More splitting of the southern states and main China’s states
-more formable nations (suggestions are welcome if they make sense) (planning yellow river empire, pearl river empire, and yangtze river empire)
-border changes (suggestions are welcome if you can deliver evidence, the borders are vague and there is no chain of sources keeping consistency which is why it is the way it is)
-add decision to leave china and the war of japan
-add military advisors
-add decisions that can interact in some way with Mongolia (maybe mongol merceneries)
-add some kind of event chain for the search of the dalai lama
-add some kind of event chain for the incident that got guangdong annexed
-add bonus for north west chinese nations to utilize the fleeing kazakhs
-add some kind of decision to "occupy" hongkong/other cities with an event chain following each respective incident
-make it so that if a puppet owns the territory required for a formable nation, the decision can be done and the territory will be transfered to the player.

Progress is displayed in this discord server:

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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