Transfer Puppets’ And Losers’ Navy(EN)

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Highly compatible since it doesn’t alter any base files.

There are two kinds of decisons:

(1)Transfer Puppets’ Navy

You can take control your puppet’s navy, don’t need to annex the country.

For example, UK can take over Australia’s and Canada’s navy at the start of the game, but RAJ don’t have ships at start, so you can’t take over RAJ’s navy.

(2)Transfer Losers’ Navy

Use this decision first and your enemy surrender to YOU. Then the losers will transfer their navy to you. If they surrender to others, then you can’t get their navy forever!

This decision can work in Kaiserreich.
(It seems this decision doesn’t work with Deutsches Reich because of special surrender)

If you cannot make sure the loser will surrender to you, I suggest you puppet them in the peace conference and take over their navy with the first decision

Is there any grammatical error in translation?
My English is poor.