TWR: Flavor Mod

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Author: Saul Goodman

Last revision: 4 Apr at 07:18 UTC

File size: 767.92 MB

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This is a compilation/compatibility mod consisting of mods I use and custom assets made by myself and other creators made for the mod Thousand Week Reich.

Here’s a Kaiserredux Version of this mod:

Current features:
-Dynamic Portraits (portraits that change after certain focuses)
-Flags and country names
-tweaked focuses and decisions
-Nationalist Japan able to go to war

1000mayas #5920 on Discord for helping me not be totally incompetent and overall helping a ton with the mod
Kara #4093 on Discord for their fantastic National Serbian flag.
uran_czeczenia #5263 on Discord for the incredibly pleasing Hans Germany flag.

Mods included:
Peace Deals:
-M13 Majors:
Spot Optimization:
Strat view adjustments:
Streamlined production:
Unique War Names:
Rename Factions:
No xp Designer:
Nuclear sounds and looks:
Better Sounds:
Realistic Nukes:
TWR expanded 1:
TWR expanded 2:
TWR vanilla politics:
GDW army insignia:
Random flavor events:
More spies:
Realistic agency icons:
State transfer tool MP:
Recall volunteers:
Extended Government Laws:
Player-Lead peace:
National Ideas:
Coring button:
Demand it:
Better Airwing:
Increased Resources:
Equipment capture ratio:

My discord: Orange Soda #1636
The mod’s discord:

Required items:

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