Sensible Portraits [Revamp]

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Author: Molvanîa!

Last revision: 30 Apr at 19:56 UTC (3)

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"Sensible Portraits [Revamp]" is a new outlet for the compilation of different portraits by different artists, all in the original, hand-drawn style of HOI4. Almost 200+ portraits have been added, and more are on the way.

As some of you may have noticed, the original Sensible Portraits is dead. It has not been updated with any new portraits in 10 months. Sensible Portraits, to me, was a must have mod, and it’s growth and changes were exciting to witness. This mod, a heavy set of changes to Enriador’s original "Sensible Portraits" mod, will work on updating and changing around the specific portraits in the mod.

A massive, sweeping set of changes have been done to original. The way generic portraits have been displayed has been completely overhauled, meaning that in most areas of the world, all vanilla generic portraits have been completely replaced. I guarantee it.

If you wish to contact me to report problems or to request a new portrait, message me on discord Molvanîa #6666

Thanks to all the creators for making the wonderful portraits, credits are in a pinned discussion below.

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