Full World Names

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I really liked to play with extended country names, as it was in Comples Country Name and Morgenstern, but unfortunately the first one was removed from the steam and is no longer updated, and the second one was relatively recently removed the extended names.

About two months ago, I started making lists of country names for my mod the Bitter Peace, based on the two aforementioned mods, but in the process I had a lot of changes and additions. So I decided to also publish these files separately.

Reworked names of ALL countries and cosmetic tags.
Added party names for ALL ideologies of ALL countries.
The names of some factions have been changed.
Changed the interface to correctly display long names of countries and factions.

Unfortunately, some of the parties had to be invented (for the countries of Micronesia and Africa, for example), and the other part-modern parties created in the 50-90s of the 20th century. If you find any errors or have any suggestions I am open to them.

The mod supports Russian and English languages. I advise you to use it with Morgenstern.

P.S. I have already discovered after the fact that the icons of ideologies on screenshots are not vanilla, I apologize if I misled you – you will have the original icons.