Maid Corps(English version)

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Authors: NEKO#ΦωΦ, 墨莫Momokio, CuteTrap, Shura, IndelibleGlacier

Last revision: 13 Sep at 01:40 UTC (1)

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This is the English version. For other languages please visit:
女仆团中文版Chinese Version:
한국어 공부 해 요Korean Version:


Welcome to the Maid Corps!
20 maids ready to take orders from their masters.
Cleaning, sweeping, dealing with internal affairs, assassination, warfare, driving tanks and battleships, even something more fun – They can do it all!
Let the maids take the world with you into your own hands!

The main content of this mod:

– Choose a favourite maid to become a general, an admiral, a leader of a country or even get married.
– Many of the maids have an exclusive event storyline and corresponding event chains. For example, if you recruit Noelle, you can unlock the "Final Defence System", and if you have Alice, you can unlock the"Resurrection Magic" to resurrect the lost maid.
– New Support Company Unit: Maid Corps Direct Support Detachment.
– There are five Trap Maids, but if you are not interested, you can choose not to display them and their contents at the start of the game.
– The player can transform their country into "Supreme Soviet of the Maid", "Holy Maid Empire" or "Maid Republic", with accompanying decisions and event chains.
– Maid spies and operation.
– Unique Maid Puppet System.
– Maid Corps music station.
– There are also other features such as establishing the maid government for your puppets, and more various interesting decisions.

A submod to unlock the battle maids unit:
If you want to play a maid mod in EU4, here is the link:
If you want to play a maid mod in Stellaris, here is the link:

Future do:

– More events, decisions, stories and maids.

The developer is "CuteTrap", if you have any question you can ask him.


Should be compatible with all mods and Vanilla, and you can play this mod when you use any country.(If not, please write comments to tell me)
If the mod doesn’t work, it’s generally the problem that my mod hasn’t been loaded(in other words, the launcher didn’t find my mod). This is an old bug of Paradox launcher. You can try to delete all ".mod" files in the "documentParadox InteractiveHearts of Iron IVmod". The launcher will quickly reload these files when you start the game. Usually it solves the problem.

This mod is translated from Chinese to English, many sentences may not be accurate. Hope to get your suggestion to improve the text.


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