Compatibility Patch – Improved Imperial Federation 2.0 + RT56

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Author: Fart Shartley

Last revision: 12 Aug, 2021 at 14:25 UTC

File size: 13.69 MB

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A Compatibility Patch for my Improved Imperial Federation 2.0 mod for Road to 56


-Imperial Federation Focus tree addition added to existing RT56 UK focus tree
– RT56 commonwealth advisors and companies made available to the Imperial federation
– Imperial Focuses now use the RT56 Commonwealth focus trees rather than the vanilla trees
– Compatibility with history changes made by RT56 (for example, you now get unit leaders that come with both RT56, and ones added by the Improved Imperial Federation)
-The ‘Fate of the Raj’ Imperial Incident will now also wipe ‘maginalised muslims’ state modifiers in India added by RT56

Continued development of RT56 may cause some bugs to appear down the line as that mod changes. Please report any issues that you come across in the comments below

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