Dreams of a greater Liechtenstein

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Author: Anyzooka

Last revision: 31 Jul at 08:58 UTC

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In the year 1936, Franz I has had a revelation. He dreams of a grand Liechtenstein, unlike the micro-nation that stands today. He has united the people of the small alpine country against their neighbours, and preparations have begun for the immediate expansion into Austria, Switzerland, and perhaps even further…

A problem however is the small capacity Liechtenstein has for military ventures, for a small country with a population of only 10,000!

These problems will be interesting to solve, but one thing is for sure, the Liechtensteiner people are ready and prepared for anything to come their way!

There is not really much flavour in this mod, as I made it in such a short time, this is my first time making GFX so that’s why their all so bad.

Made for the week 17 mod jam on the HOI4 modding den discord server.

If there’s anything game breaking, let me know in the comments. Same with spelling mistakes etc.

Credit to @CaptainLuck, I used his GFX pack to create my focus icons, and the bottom focus is using one of his pre-made icons.