EaW: De-Ponification

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Author: Old Man Mammoth

Last revision: 23 Sep at 21:57 UTC

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Equestria at War is a mod that truly pushes what can be done with the game. E.A.W. doesn’t just create a whole new map but also introduces new gameplay mechanics, research ideas, as well as tell a compelling story…
Too bad it’s filled with fakakta ponies!
So in order to help people try out this wonderful mod, I have created this submod with the sole mission of removing every Horse, Bovine, Bird-Lion, Bug, and Woodland Critter from E.A.W.
Will I ever finish my work? God no, there is over 1500+ portraits; I’ll be dead before my work is done, however someone has to try.
Majority of the portraits added so far are just placeholders and susceptible to change, if you have a problem with any of them please do let me know.
Discord: https://discord.gg/SeAeYY3QDY

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