Regional Puppet Governments (RT56 Patch)

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What does this mod do?
This is a submod to address the compatibility issues with ‘The Road to 56’. Make sure you have ‘The Road to 56’ with Regional Puppet Governments enabled when using this submod.

What is Regional Puppet Governments?
Regional Puppet Governments is designed to allow players to create puppet nations in regions which are under the control of the player. This is accomplished with the collaborative government mechanics added in the ‘La Resitance’ DLC. If a player does not have ‘La Resistance’, they will still be able to create puppet governments. The only major difference is that a player without the DLC will have a non-colored puppet and the puppet will not contain their demonym.

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Current nations that can be created:
Andes, Anglo-Celtic Isles, Arabia, Baltic, Benelux, Caribbean, Central Africa, Central America, Danube, East Africa, Eastern Provinces, Finland, Germany, Greece-Turkey, Iberia, Indochina, Indonesia, Midwestern U.S., North Germany, Northeastern U.S., Pacific U.S., Quebec, U.S. Rockies, Scandinavia, South Germany, Southern U.S., Transcaucasia, Western Provinces, North Africa, West Germany, East Germany, Prussia, Poland-Lithuania, West Africa, South Africa, South Asia, Bangladesh, Central Russia, Southern Russia, Northern Caucasus, Volga, Northwestern Russia, Urals, Siberia, Far East Russia, Mongolia, Western Russia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Central Asia.

Required items:

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