KX-Rotermorgen Fan Fix

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Authors: gg_briand, arturarmen

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KX-Rotermorgen Fan Fix

Thank you for getting us to the most popular of the week page!

– Fixed the all white map issue, portrait issues, and super event issues.

– Enable this mod with KX and Rotermorgen.

– Credit goes to the original creators of Rotermorgen.

– Thanks go out to the creators behind Goodbye, Sweet Europe for their files made it able for me to fix the issues in Rotermorgen.

– I will continue to try to update and fix issues associated with the submod as KX updates.

– Please let me know any issues that you come across by commenting in the chat.

– Original Mod Link https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2423375050

– Join our discord to be part of my community https://discord.gg/R5y68j2j6c

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