The Great Patriotic War БЕТА

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Authors: Abyss, MrCMS

Last revision: 2 Oct at 16:32 UTC

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The Great Patriotic War


NEXT UPDATE: Nepal Iran and Czechoslovakia

List of changes:
1. Focus trees
2. Units
3. GFX
4. New Music
5. FPS boost
6. New Market system
7. New Technologies
8. New Laws
9. Credits

1. Focus trees
Focus trees are faster, from 70 Day to 56 Day.

1.1 Union of Soviet Socalist Republics [work in progress]
1.2 German Reich
1.3 Republic of China
1.4 Chinese Soviet Republic
1.5 Italy
1.6 Austria
1.7 Japan [work in progress]
1.8 Brazil
1.9 Manchukuo
1.10 Finland
1.11 British Raj
1.12 Siam
1.13 Sweden [work in progress]
1.14 Bhutan
1.15 Netherlands
1.16 Czechoslovakia [soon]
1.17 Nepal [soon]
1.18 Iran [soon]
1.19 Ireland [soon]

2. Units

2.1 Militia
The Militia Unit is a easy to producabil Unit but not very strong, recommended for Soviet Union and China.

2.2 Shocktroops
Shocktroops are good for attacking forts for example the Maginoline, but they need support equipment.

3. GFX

3.1 New Flaggs
-Chinese Soviet Republic
-Austrian Empire
-Tuvan People’s Republic
-Free France
-Vichy France

3.2 New Politicalparty Pictures
The Politicalpartys have new Party pictures.

3.3 New Loadingscreen

3.4 New Tanks

4. New Music
-Wo alle Straßen enden
-Там шли два брата
-Когда мы были на войне
-До конца, до смертного креста
-Прощание Славянки

5. FPS boost
The FPS are getting boosted by deleting countrys in south and central america.
This change made the game extremely fast and ideal for multiplayer.

6. Market system
You can now by weapen with Political power.
You can bye Infantry Equipment, Artillery Equipment, Support Equipment, Anti Air Equipment,
Anti Tank Equipment, Motorized Equipment, Mechanized Equipment, Light Tank Equipment, Medium Tank Equipment, Heavy Tank Equipment and Convoys.

7. Technologies
New Tanks
New Infantry
New Industry
New Tanks
New Technology

8. New National Laws

9. Credits