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Author: Verfdrinker

Last revision: 30 Nov, 2021 at 20:27 UTC (2)

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This mod makes some additions and changes to the vanilla game to make gameplay a little faster and remove some restrictions that made no real sense to me. I made some mods in the past, most of which are included.

For players using a resolution lower than 1080p
The resource bar is made with at least 1080p in mind, so it covers the date in lower resolutions. I’m working on a fix for it.


  • Urbanization
    + Decision for more building slots, up to the limit
    + Add 1 building slot
    – Costs 25 PP
    – Uses 2 civilian factories for 15 days
    – Requires maximum infrastructure
    – Requires all existing building slots to be filled
    / AI does this too. As soon as it matches the prerequisites.
  • Expand Resource Production
    + Decisions for Steel, Aluminium, Tungsten and Chromium
    + Add 20 to a random owned and controlled province
    – Costs 50 PP
    – Uses 5 civilian factories for 60 days
    / AI does not use this. I tried it out but they randomly did the decisions even though they didn’t have to, so its disabled for now
  • Increased Compliance Gain
    + Tweaked compliance gain
    + Faster compliance on claimed states
    + Decreased compliance loss from high compliance
    + Allows you to actually get to 80%
    / Applies for the AI too
  • Core Territories Using Compliance
    + Decision to core owned & controlled territory that belongs to another country
    – Requires at least 80% compliance
    – Costs 100 PP
    / The AI does not use this. I made the AI use this in the past, but it made capitulating majors like the UK and France a living hell. Instead they will probably do puppet governments if their AI allows it.
  • Resources in the top bar
    + Easily check your available resources, right next to the experience counters
    + No more opening the resource tab to check which resource is low

List of changes

    Field Marshal

  • Removed the division limit on Field Marshals


  • Removed the task force limit on Admirals


  • War economy and early mobilisation laws give a construction bonus to dockyards as well
    – Used to only apply to military factories
  • "Removed" the limit for dockyards and military factories to use for production, allowing 999 per ship/equipment
    – The limit was probably there for balance reasons, but the limit only upset the balance
  • Increased the maximum amount of build slots per state to 40
    + Up from 25
  • Increased the factory limit per state to 25
    + Up from 15
  • Increased the amount of civilian factories used in construction to 20
    + Up from 15
  • Decreased the build cost of civilian factories
    – When not on war economy, building civilian factories should be a priority
    + Conversion to military factory is much cheaper on war economy than building a new one
  • Increased the build cost of military factories
    – Reasoning is that building military factories should be faster when on war economy, not always
  • Increased the build cost of dockyard slightly
    – With the increased amount of civilian factories per construction job it makes a small difference
    – Same reason as military factories, should be built when on war economy

Other mods to include

I highly recommend downloading and using the following mods as well


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.