Hearts of Azeroth 0.5 Kalimdor Beta

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Authors: Zoltarian, Astrodoge

Last revision: 7 Nov, 2021 at 08:11 UTC

File size: 758.95 MB

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This is a beta test for an upcoming update of Hearts of Azeroth for members for the discord/general public to give feedback on custom mechanics/nation balance/world building. There is close to 0 events or focus and this will contain an extreme number of placeholders & bugs as this is serving as an easy way for people to obtain a "Github" version.

DISCLAIMER: this is a true beta / alpha, not a "mod not complete we haven’t given every nation a focus tree")
Play at your own risk!

-All nations "playable" with industry/pop/units
-New generic tech tree
-WIP Dragon tech tree
-New Generic Focus Tree
-Semi unique Focus Tree for Maraudon
-Race/Religion/Coring system
-Religious Decisions/custom mana

You can also still play the original mod here:

While out of date our music mod for the main version will likely still work:

You can leave feedback & report bugs in our Discord: https://discord.gg/f799FAs