The Failed Revolution

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The Failed Revolution asks a simple question: What if America failed to break away from British control in 1776? The resulting consequences lead to a radically different world, far different from our own.
The British, though the largest empire the world has ever seen, is weakening. The Americans never lost their independent spirit, and a group of military officers, led by General Douglas MacArthur, are planning to coup the loyalist dominion and break away. The French, the immortal enemy of the British, rule the continent after the last anti-French coalition war. The Dutch kingdom fled into exile, with a French collaborationist government taking their place.
The Prussians built up their strength, but failed to move towards German unification in fear of aggravating the French Republic. The last coalition war, however, has left the French weak, even though they stood as the victor. Now is the time for the Prussians and Piedmontese to leave their shadows, and claim their goals of unifying their people.
The Austrians stand as a powerful empire, plagued by ethnic tensions and a lagging economy. With the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire, have lost much of their past prestige and power on the region, but still stand as one of the great European powers.
The Russians never decided to intervene in the struggles of the western powers, and instead focused on consolidating its power in the east. With their allies in Japan, they carved up much of the Qing Dynasty and strengthened their hold over Asia. The alliance was not one to last, with the Russians instead abandoning the far east to protect their new allies against the Ottoman menace.
The world stands on the precipice of another great coalition war, but the lines have yet to be drawn in the sand. With Prussian and Piedmontese expansionism, and the ever-present Franco-British rivalry, the kindling has been set out. All that remains is the spark.

Current Mod Features:
Dominion of North America Focus Tree
United Kingdom Focus Tree
French Focus Tree
Austrian Focus Tree
Prussian Focus Tree
Russian Focus Tree
Custom GUIs and such

Planned Additions:
Focus Trees for all important minors (especially Piedmont, Mexico, and the Netherlands)
More custom guis

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Special Thanks to DecstarG, Jolper, dfder, Peter17S, Mei, LG, Alfred, Wang Jingwei, Spasatel_Malibu, Ormr1, lemon_avi, McBoat, Tsar Gaming, and Salty with extra smug for helping code and design the graphics for this mod, could’nt have done it without them.

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