Empire of Brazil

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Authors: Tekyojuro, Иосиф Сталин ☭

Last revision: 16 Nov at 12:03 UTC

File size: 286.98 MB

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Welcome to the Empire of Brazil

What if Brazil returned to being a monarchy in the 30s and 40s? This could change the history of the world a lot… wouldn’t it…?

Finally! after 8 months, the Empire of Brazil has arrived! This mod is a rework mainly for Brazil if it had returned to being an empire, and there are 2 paths that Brazil can follow (for now) ally with the axis or ally with the allies, which will depend on you (or your luck).

I reworked Brazil in general, including the presidents (prime minister in this case) at the time, including the industries and events that took place in the period 1936-1945, such as the discovery of oil in Brazil, etc.

What does this mod add?

-Focus tree for Brazil
-Voices for the divisions
-Best states for Brazil
-Graphic improvements on the map (of Brazil)
-New decisions
-Division models
-Improved AI (for Brazil)
-And many other things


The mod, unfortunately, is only available in English, but I’m already working on the Portuguese and Spanish translations!


This was my first mod, I tried to make it bug free, but there are still some:

-For some reason, in some Northeastern states the temperature is 0° (-17F)
-Sometimes the models of the divisions can stretch and become distorted
-Sometimes your game may crash in the menu

If you find any bugs, let me know!


– I programmed the AI ​​for hoi4’s "historical mode" only, so if you don’t play the game with "historical mode", Brazil’s AI may break
-I didn’t make Brazil for the 1939 scenario, so I recommend playing only in the 1936 scenario.


-I used some portraits from the mod "Kaiserredux"

-I used some tech and focus icon from the "Road to 56" mod

-The divisions models mod

Thanks for pay attetion on this mod, it helps a lot 🙂