Dreams Of Poland

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Authors: Lordhedasss, Mr.ShadeO

Last revision: 14 Nov at 20:31 UTC

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Welcome to Dreams of Poland

Brought to you by the team behind Dreams of a White Russian Victory and Dreams of Austria

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/8WyWa4h
Our discord is the best place to report bugs and to give suggestions! As well a snnek peak for futare updates.

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Important Update

We currently lacking in writters. If you want to help us in this mode, or other please go to our discord and contact Mr.OshadO.
Any help will be appreciated.


Hello and welcome to Dream of Poland adding a brand new Polish Focus tree with acces to several paths.

– 4 Sanacja paths

-7 Monarch paths

-3 new Comunist paths.

This mod is out of early access and any new updates are defined as expansions.Hello and welcome to Dream of Poland adding a brand new Polish Focus tree with acces to several paths.

– 4 Sanacja paths

-7 Monarch paths

-3 new Comunist paths.

This mod is out of early access and any new updates are defined as expansions.

Current Features

-A Sanation government tree with 4 sub paths (Sanation-Left, Sanation-Right, The Castle, and a Castle and Sanation-Right coalition) which in turn have two other sub paths to choose from, one where you form the Intermarium and one where you follow the historical timeline and create the Camp of National Unity and side with the Allies.

-A Kingdom of Poland tree with 7 possible options for monarchs with the choice of either an absolute monarchy or constitutional monarchy for each monarch option. Additionally, each monarch has a sub-tree of ~12 focuses that makes every monarch stand out from the rest (the exception being the two Polish monarch options who share a sub-tree).

-A communist Poland with 3 accessible path and 2 letters.
Each one with special focus tree and special mechanic.

-A far more accurate starting situation for the Polish Army, which was absolutely massive. It is not perfectly accurate, as I had serious balancing concerns. For example, the Poles’ standing army in 1936 was roughly ~900,000 strong with about 1 million in reserve, which would be insanely OP to start with in HoI4.

-Accurate starting techs.

-Appropriate national spirits to provide buffs and debuffs that imitate the situation for Poland in 1936.

-13 current country leaders options

-A greatly expanded roster of ministers and high command

-Expanded roster of generals, field marshals, and admirals, all of which have unique portraits.

-Two new traits for generals that give bonuses to artillery, similar to the infantry leader and cavalry leader traits.

-A colonization tree that is available to certain paths that allows you to establish colonies that Poland historically tried, but failed, to do.

-Multiple Polonization decisions that will give you cores on certain territories that Poland (at the time) viewed as theirs, including some German states, Lithuania, and more.

Planned Features

-4 more communist leaders with

-A Fascist tree

-A Military Junta tree with several leaders

-More country leaders for all ideology

-AI strategies (currently they will be pretty braindead and will choose focuses randomly).


-This mod should not need any DLC to function, but you will not get the Polish skins unless you have the relevant DLC.

-Mods that add new countries to the game will likely not be compatible with DoP. This includes Dreams of a White Russian Victory and Road to 56.

Other Important Notes
– As stated above, the AI hasn’t been developed and I had to remove the one that came with the Poland DLC. If you play using this mod, you should play as Poland. If you let the AI control them, the AI will just as likely yeet itself off a cliff as conquer the entire world. That may be fun for you, but I’m giving fair warning.

-Why there is a difrent mode page? Well there been a change in main developer and the mod a new page was created to increase the capability to update.


-A huge thanks to Kaiserreich and The Fallen Eagle for the use of their art assets, especially concerning national focus icons.

-Thanks to Mapno and capitanluck for provided such a wonderful art repository for all modders to use.

-And most of all thanks Mr.ShadeO for letting work on this mod and erly build of mod.