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Author: fSociety

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What does this mod?

(For every country in the game) Adds 3 new decision categories. You can select hide/show all the developing state decisions, and also you can select this hide/show mechanic in each state. You can think of it as a 2-way hide/show mechanic since I wanted to make it less messy. In the end, you can develop every possible state (non-wasteland) of your country.

In exchange for 15 civilian factories for 120 days, and 50 pp. You’ll get 8 resources of one of the resource types you’ve chosen. You can choose one of Steel, Aluminum, Tungsten, and Chromium. I didn’t add oil and rubber since you can use synthetic ref.

I didn’t want to make this easy since you can use the tool pack mod to get absurd amount of resources. I wanted to make it harder than vanilla prospect resources decisions because you can use these decisions in any state. (that’s actually a huge difference)


Since I did not any vanilla file, this mod should work with every other mod in the workshop. There cannot be any conflicts resulting from this mod. So, you can use this mod with any mod you like.

Iron Man

No, it is not compatible with iron man.