Barbarossa Decisions

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Author: fSociety

Last revision: 21 Nov at 21:46 UTC

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Story of the mod:

I already had a mod called Improved Eastern Front v2.0 which includes a bit more changes than this mod, but I wanted to make the mod simpler and easily can be combined with other mods. And it can be perceived as a compatibility patch for the next coming update. I think there won’t be any problem with this mod when the next patch is released. In this mod, I did not edit any vanilla game files.

What does this mod?

When the Barbarossa Operation is started ( IMPORTANT! special conditions must be met; you can see in the uploaded picture ) both Germany and Soviets get national spirits (it can be seen in the pictures) and missions (it can be seen in the pictures, decisions tab). The thing is, if the 3 important Russian cities get captured by Germans, the Soviets will get debuffs. If Russians can hold the cities, they will get into a ‘re-organization phase, granting them a re-organization national spirit. If the Russians can hold enough, they will get a buff (via national spirit)

So, whoever holds the important cities, gets the initiative on the war.


I did not edit/change any vanilla game files in this mod, so it should be compatible with every mod. But, there is one exception: I used vanilla state id numbers in my decision modding. I mean, the game is using vanilla state id numbers of the Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad states to check whether the requirements of the decisions are fulfilled or not.

195, 217, and 219. These are the state id numbers of the 3 important cities. This is the only exception: you can not use this mod with any other mod changing these id numbers. Example: Magna Europa Mod will be incompatible with this mod. Probably the decisions won’t work properly if you try to use both of the mods.

So, for these decisions to work properly, this mod should not be combined with any mod that changes the state id numbers of the Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad states.. Actually, most of the time, you’ll be fine. These are would-be rare cases.

Developer note

Ultimately, I made this mod to make the eastern front a bit challenging. Additionally, If you want a more challenging game experience than the vanilla experience, I can also recommend that combine this mod with Expert AI 4.0 It will make your game tremendously hard. Anyway, enjoy it.

Future Plans

I do not guarantee it but if I get a chance, I want to:
– Add Winter offensive
– Add Operation Uranus
– Add Operation Fall Blau
– Add Battle of Kursk mission
– Add Peace deals when you successfully take European parts of the Soviets.
– Add Soviets some division spawn decisions or events. Or even allied lend-lease decisions for specific amount of convoys (I saw this in multiplayer mods, it looks good)


If you want, you can use my mod combined with zhirik’s Russian Localisation Sub-Mod: Barbarossa Decisions: Русская локализация Thanks to zhirik for doing this translation.

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