Blitzkrieg Decisions

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Author: fSociety

Last revision: 21 Nov at 21:45 UTC

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What does this mod?

Adds to Germany a special mechanic: Blitzkrieg You’ll be able to use these decisions, for every country only for once, to make the selected country weaker against you for 180 days. They’ll get a debuff for 180 days. (AI will use this decision if it is against a player or major country)

Exception: You can’t use this mechanic over Soviet Union, I have a separate mod for that: Barbarossa Decisions


Since I didn’t change any vanilla files, it should be compatible with every other mod. (Including RT56)

Future Plans

I do not guarantee it but if I get a chance, I want to:
– Add provincial division speed bonus when this decision is used over any country. I don’t know if this can happen yet, but I’ll check.


If you want, you can use my mod combined with zhirik’s Russian Localisation Sub-Mod: Blitzkrieg decision Русская локализация Thanks to zhirik for doing this translation.

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