OWB – Houndlands

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Author: Sif

Last revision: 5 Oct, 2021 at 18:57 UTC

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This mod lets you lead a nation of intelligent dogs within the Old World Blues mod. Giving you many different options for expansion and ideology, such as diplomatically uniting the canines laying within each nation or conquering your way to canine ‘freedom’.

This is very much a WIP as of now.

After stabilising and developing your nation you’ll have the option of 4 different paths to go down:

The Union of Dog has the goal of uniting all of canine-kind under a single banner, seeing as their human counterparts no longer provide them with the needed care they desire. Through diplomacy and puppeted rule, The Union of Dog desires to achieve this. However there’s also calls for a supremacist Dog Empire brewing…

After asking a desperate Maxson Chapter if they could join the brotherhood they were told "Sure, whatever". Now they fight alongside their tin canned friends.

The Cult of Cerberus have the end goal of reviving a legend they’ve heard about; A three-headed dog bred from the very depths of hell called "Cerberus". They’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goal of reviving this hellish beast. Afterwards who knows what this Cerberus has in mind.

Maybe the Brotherhood rejects the silly idea of a canine brotherhood. What next?


Also, Foxes

The Vulpine Republic formed slightly after word travelled of their dog counterpart’s successful independence. A young Red rose to prominence within the nation, quickly and efficiently forming a republic within Forager land. Not too happy with the splintering of their land, The Foragers seek out to reintegrate their lost clay.

  • Finalize lore for The Houndlands (descriptions, focus icons/descriptions, etc.)
  • Balance
  • A unique focus tree for Steel Hounds, Cerberus, Union of Dog/Dog Empire, Dogclave.
  • Finished tree for the Vulpine Republic, including each ideological path (Democratic, Nationalist, Communist, Monarchist)
  • Unique sounds/models for units