OWB-Vault Tec Renaissance

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Author: tinninator

Last revision: 21 Jun at 14:54 UTC

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"I am the new CEO of Vault-tec, some believe we died in the Great war, some with the Calculator, some in our old vault. It’s time to come back in business, we need a Renaissance"

Welcome to Old World Blues -Vault Tec Renaissance, an Executive themed submod where you will follow the story of athe new Executtive and the remnants of the secret vault as they attempt to make profit in the wasteland

The mod is currently in a "beta" stage and is far from complete. However the content currently in the mod is semi playable and I think you’ll have fun with it.

Currently included in the mod:
-A (mostly) fully playable unique Executive themed nation
-98 focuses
WARNING: status completition
before Hostile takeover= 100%
after Hostile takeover = 85% (20% more since release)
after Project Mogul = 15%

-A number of interesting events

Planned Features :
– Path for someone who should be dead(no spoiler!)
– Final ending event
– fixing missing localization
-unique design companies
-adding decisions for a war with Caesar

As was said earlier the mod is in a very early stage and you may encounter bugs, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you do find these please let us know in the comments so that we can have an easier time fixing these.

#######CREDITS & THANKS#######
1rich1 from DevianArt- for the portrait of Dubois
IVbenjamin from DevianArt- for the portrait of Eric Smith
The OWB Team – For their incredible mod for making this possible in the first place and some help here and there in the code