x10 BETA

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Author: aramat1

Last revision: 31 Jul at 21:53 UTC

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BETA for my version of the x10 mod (updated/remade)

This should probably work with 1.11.12 but no guarantees (you might miss some features that were added in 1.11.12)

There’s still quite a bit missing, namely:
– National Focuses (the Continuous Focuses, Germany, Italy, the USA, the UK, (Free/ Vichy) France, Japan and the Soviet Union are done)
– Decisions (only 42.9% done, namely the "exiled governments", "generic", "anti-japanese infiltration", Baltic. Bulgarian. Chinese (Warlords), British, Estonian, Ethiopian, "foreign influence", "formable nations", French, German and Greek decisions are done)
– Events (only "stability events" done, which includes mutinies, strikes, etc. Also some that have to do with the focus trees)
– Defines (partly done, stuff like supply might need changing)

Things that are (probably) done:
– Officer abilities (force attack, desperate defense, etc.)
– Plane Ace’s Bonuses
– Buildings
– Country leaders (traits)
– Stability and war support: maximum is now 1000% instead of 100%
– Technologies
– Acclimatation (at the maximum acclimatation all negative modifiers from that type are reduced by 100% instead of Vanilla’s 50%)
– Combat tactics
– Unit leader (the skills and traits of generals and field marshalls)
– Equipment (manpower for planes reduced to 1 per plane, as the original did, presumably to make the AI not spend all of its manpower on planes; also modules)
– Resistance compliance modifiers
– (Espionage) Operations
– Occupy laws
– Intelligence agency upgrades
– Ideas (National spirits; economy, conscription and trade laws)
– Static modifiers
– Dynamic modifiers