Executor Redux: Music

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Author: Penultimate

Last revision: 4 Aug at 02:18 UTC

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Star Wars: Executor Redux: Music
Executor Redux Music is a companion mod to Executor Redux, both mods can run together, and this mod is coded to act standalone if you wanna play HOI4 with Star Wars music.

For giving feedback, leave it on the official Star Wars: Executor discord [discord.gg] in the submod discussion section.

Executor Redux Music is a companion music/radio station addition that allows you play a wide selection of Star Wars songs from across various media.

Redux Music is iron man compatible standalone

Current Music Selection

  • 0.1 – Launch
    Across the Stars
    Alliance Assembly
    Anakin vs Obi Wan
    Anakin’s Betrayal
    Anakin’s Dark Deeds
    Battle of the Heroes
    Carbon Freeze/Vader’s Trap
    Duel of the Fates
    Emperor’s Throne Room
    Enter Lord Vader
    General Grievous
    Imperial Attack
    Jango’s Attack
    Love, Pledge, and the Arena
    March of the Resistance
    Mos Eisley Spaceport
    Princess Leia’s Theme
    Qui Gon’s Noble End
    Scherzo for X-Wings
    The Asteroid Field
    The Battle of Hoth
    The Battle of Yavin
    The Clash of Lightsabers
    The Princess Appears
    Luke and Leia
    Yoda and the Force
    Yoda’s Theme
  • 0.2
    Emperor Arrives/Death of Yoda
    The Immolation Scene
    The Imperial March

Executor Redux Music will be updated over time alongside the main Redux mod.