The New Order: The Operation Thunderstorm

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Authors: immortalwyy, jizouha

Last revision: 4 Oct at 09:47 UTC (4)

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Welcome to TNO Submod:The New Order: The Operation Thunderstorm. Wishing you a pleasant trip!


Update log (non major version updates are written in the change description):

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The Second Western Russian War

TNO: The East isRed

TNO: Deep Freeze Operation

23/10/3 Update:

1. Rezhkov Focus Tree

2. Fix some bugs

Call of the Communist International (updated on 22/10/4): [/h2]

1. Join the Communist International mechanism and related GUI

2. Revised some details

Introduction: [/h1]

The disastrous defeat of the Bukharin Soviet Union caused the great alliance to disintegrate, and Russia’s land was torn apart by warlords, with chaos and disorder dominating the entire country for a time. However, with our tireless efforts, our shattered motherland has finally been reunited, and stability and order have been brought back to this land.

Nevertheless, our progress must not stop: the Nazi Empire was deeply immersed in the enormous blow brought about by the oil crisis, from east to west, from south to north, guerrilla forces and resistance movements were repeatedly weakening the German colonies. This was the best time for us to reclaim our lost homeland!

The war against the Nazis will be inevitable, but hasty actions will only bring more suffering. We must mobilize the strength of every patriotic man and woman in our great motherland, and this is the key to our ability to defeat the enemies of fascism!

Of course, our enemies are also enemies of anti fascist forces around the world, and our allies are all the people around the world who do not want to be oppressed! When the Nazi rule came to an end, the world would lift clouds and mist to welcome the brightest sunshine.

Content Introduction:

This module provides a set of national policy trees against Nazi Germany for all inheritors of the Soviet Union who have completed the unification of Russia, in order to restore the western territories of the alliance. In addition, there is also a wartime GUI system waiting for your experience

When you defeat the Nazis, the story will not end there, and the future of Germany may be determined by you. At the same time, the integration of Eastern European territories will be the center of work for a long time – I have provided you with another GUI to enrich your experience

Moreover, the attempt to recapture the Far Eastern territories of the alliance may bring unexpected changes to the overall situation in Asia, and the red sun may rise again?


Please note that this module is a sub MOD of TNO, please be sure to play with TNO and TNO localization enabled

You should choose a Russian warlord who was communist or socialist when unifying Russia to start the game – except for the Black Army and priests. [/u]


Thank you for playing. If you encounter any bugs, please feel free to leave a private message or leave feedback in the comments section

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