Kaiserreich Multiplayer Submod

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Author: Tom H.A.N.X

Last revision: 8 Nov at 09:30 UTC

File size: 4.18 MB

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Multiplayer Optimisation & Balance submod for Kaiserreich

Created and maintained by the Kaiserreich Weekly(?) discord server.[discord.gg]

New/Overhauled Content:

  • Germany’s Paternal Autocrat path (Kurt von Schleicher) has received a substantial overhaul. Upon completing the focus Schleicher’s Kamarilla, a series of decisions will be unlocked to negate some of the path’s biggest weaknesses over time, such as it’s low party popularity, and penalties to production cap and consumer goods. This will culminate in a decision to establish the so-called Wehrstaat, a combination of army and state, where the needs of the army are made the top priority of Germany.
  • The United Kingdom has been rebalanced for multiplayer. The focus times have all been shortened, the initial political events have had their effects reduced, the British Reconstruction decisions have been made significantly easier to get through, and the foreign policy tree now has an option to create the Imperial Federation; giving them decisions to take control of the armed forces, annex, and core Canada, the West Indies, South Africa, and Australasia, albeit with a penalty to max factory slots, resources, and recruitable manpower
  • The CNT-FAI (Socialist Spain) has recieved new focuses and modifiers for their army tree, as well as new & rebalanced advisors, new generals, and new country flags & names.

General Changes:

  • Gameplay speed and performance has been optimised for multiplayer.
  • New bookmark has been added to choose between beginning the game within the Casual or Competitive setups, depending on which features of the submod you would prefer to enable. See country-specific changes below.
  • Removed Mine-laying modules.
  • Significantly reduced tank cannon reliability. Making an up to date tank chassis’ much more important for maintaining armour reliability.
  • Rebalanced a wide range of tank modules & upgrades.
  • Nerf for the Relief of Command officer corps spirit.
  • Disabled Collaboration Governments and Tech Stealing agency operations from La Resistance.
  • Major faction leaders have access to decisions to kick their non-puppet allies from their faction.
  • Nerfed Force Attack and Last Stand unit leader abilities. With both now providing an organisation damage reduction of 75% as opposed to 100%.
  • New unit leader traits Heat Specialist and Heat Expert. Existing as the exact opposite to Winter Specialist and Winter Expert.
  • Nerfed the terrain penalty reduction bonus from the unit leader trait Adaptable.
  • Unit leader trait grinding is now linear, meaning that earning traits no longer limits the speed at which you gain subsequent traits. All leader xp gain has been nerfed by 33% to compensate for this change.
  • Several nations have been removed from the map entirely for performance reasons. Those being: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Muscat, Liberia, Ecuador, Alash Orda, Columbia, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.
  • The tags within central Asia (Khiva, Bukhara, and the Turkestan Republic) have been merged into a single entity, the Central Asian Federation.
  • Sending equipment via lend lease now provides double the xp compared to vanilla.
  • Increased max land, air, and navy xp to 999.
  • Army, Navy, and Air chief and high command traits have been re balanced.
  • Added game options to remove or reduce all experience costs from designing division templates. Note that this will not effect countries that spawn in after the start date, with the exception of the spanish civil war splinters.
  • Removed the one division training exploit.

See the pinned thread for the full list of country-specific changes!

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