China:Mao’s Legacy

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This mod is a HOI mod of China: Mao’s Legacy (dc link on YTB channel)

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This mod almost completes the frame
First version which can be played will be updated during April to June

—————-The precarious First Republic—————–

The Republic has gone through 27 years. The old system in the past seems to have been completely destroyed in the three years of sweeping everything. However, under the surface of sweeping everything, there is still an undercurrent of struggle between the left and the right. The external struggle seems to have internalized into the "palace" struggle".

————Far Left————
Wang Hongwen
Jiang Qing
Yao Wenyuan
Zhang Chunqiao
Ji Dengkui
Wang Dongxing
Wu De
Deng Xiaoping
Ye Jianying
Hua Guofeng
Chen Yun
Wang Zhen
Qiao Guanhua
Huang Hua
Li Xiannian

But everything that was temporarily stable disappeared with the passing of Zhou Enlai, and a storm was brewing in the withering away of the fading leader…
"What will you do, only God knows"
"This Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has not accomplished the task of becoming a Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution because there is no
Enable the people to firmly grasp the weapons of the people’s democratic dictatorship. In the summer of 1968, the socialist rule of law "suddenly stopped working" and "political power is the power of repression" started to work again. In a vast area, people are being arrested and suppressed everywhere. There are injustices everywhere. Where has the socialist legal system gone?…
There are unjust prisons everywhere. Where has the socialist legal system gone? ..
“The Fourth National People’s Congress should clearly stipulate that except for criminals such as murder, arson, hooliganism, theft, and those who instigate violence and organize conspiracy groups, all due democratic rights of the people should be protected. .
It was only when the people’s democratic rights were deprived during the Cultural Revolution that they felt the preciousness of democratic rights. Although the broad masses of the people (especially the revolutionary rebels) were brutally suppressed in 1968, a mass movement that completely destroys Lin Biao’s system will definitely come in the near future, and they will definitely recover and develop the first All the spirit of a great proletarian cultural revolution. "