Better Laws for Road to 56

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Author: SassyCrissy

Last revision: 28 Dec, 2023 at 22:08 UTC (1)

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A mod that expands the rudimentary law system into a well connected, intriguing web of choices that are balanced and impactful but also friendly to role play.

Inspired by these mods:

  • Better Mechanics : Civilian and Military Laws
  • Better Government
  • Pax Brittanica
  • Millenium Dawn
  • TNO


Compatible with Discardpixel’s RT56 RP

While Better Laws is compatible with Road to 56 on its own, this submod fixes the graphical issue shown above so that category icons show properly. In the future I might update this submod to include improvements such as AI weighting ( directions for the ai) for the sub-ideologies present in RT56, in a similar fashion to my Kaiserreich patch. Thus, I recommend having this on (or alternatively keeping an eye on when this mod updates) when playing with RT56 even if you don’t care about visual glitches!

How does this mod differ from other alternatives like Better mechanics or Better Government ?
  • This mod is (compared to the other law mods out there) more balanced, additionally it uses the game’s AI weight system to direct the AI to use policies based on their ideology and leaders instead of statically assigning policies at the start of the game to the AI.
  • While this may mean that the AI will need to spend more PP (Political Power) it also allows the game to be dynamic, with changes to countries’ leadership being reflected in the laws. It also allows for newly released states to function correctly and with no issues.
  • Finally, this approach allows for small ideological differences to also be reflected through laws, as sub ideologies of the same group e.g (liberalism vs social democracy or marxism vs stalinism) will select different policies.

The AI has been tuned to be sensitive to changes in gameplay and pick laws accordingly.

Feedback regarding balance is extremely appreciated! Please leave a comment about even the most minuscule issue you have with this mod.

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Several icon elements were taken from The Ultimate HOI4 GFX repository[]. My many thanks to the original artists and contributors! Credit to the PB team for assets that ( i think?) have their origin in PB.

Credit to the RT56 team for their logo.

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