A Hearts of Ice and Fire More Content Submod

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Author: happytianhua

Last revision: 11 Apr at 02:02 UTC (1)

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A Submod for the Hearts of Ice and Fire Submod. Which is fire but isn’t complete enough and ASOIAF is too lit to not be a thing in hoi4

So far there is a new focus tree for the Targaryens, that lasts all the way to after the Long Night.

Adds Balances and Bugfixes to the original mod with war of the five kings and other events, but couldn’t get all the bugs. The War of the Five kings still isn’t complete in the original mod yet so it wont go through for the Targaryen Focus yet, but if you play the Targaryens it should last all the way until the Long Night. But the events in westeros wont unfold like they do in the books.

Submod because IDK how to contact the devs of the original mod.

Needs original HOI4 Ice and Fire Mod.

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