The Great War

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Author: kolx

Last revision: 14 Jun at 18:28 UTC (1)

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I’ve worked on this mod for months, I wanted to see if I can improve my modding skills since the only thing I knew is how to modify already existing states

I’m happy with how the mod is, right now France, the UK, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Italy have focus trees.
There is no scripted peace deal when Paris falls or when Germany is supposed to surrender.

The tech tree is in theory until the 1920’s but it doesn’t work just yet.

I have made multiple AI tests and I can say that the timeline goes somewhat historical, there is no 2nd Balkan War yet.

Strategies I’ve used:
-20 width divisions
-medium or heavy tank divisions
-fighters and cas
-for minor nations rush artillery and artillery upgrades

My past project ( )
I really liked Endsieg and its start dates, because it’s no longer updated I attempted my own start dates mod, I made 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944 bookmarks in the span of like 2-3 months. The mod is no longer worked on.

For modders:
-I have created around 40 focus icons (That involve country flags) feel free to use them
-You can use all assets that I have created in your own mod (like portraits)

Some Technology GFX, and localization taken from:
-The Great War Redux ( )
-Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War ( )
-Endsieg:Ultimate Victory ( )

I haven’t asked for permission to use the assets from the mods listed.

Tags: WW1, The Great War, Yapping


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