Millennium Dawn:Great Revival

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Authors: REISEN2, 勘察加讨口子

Last revision: 12 Jul at 14:54 UTC (3)

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Millennium Dawn: Great Revival

The original version was too rough for countries like China, which are world protagonists, so it was redone and other magical content was removed from the real national policy. Later, social national policies will be added for players to choose different routes.

This mod is mainly based on real-life events and will not have too much magical content.

Due to the incomplete economic content of Millennium Dawn, the farming experience in China is not high. I plan to insert a large number of stories like TNO to improve the game content. Currently, I have only done the first few stories and will make adjustments based on everyone’s feedback.

Replace the original Millennium Dawn radio station "Breeze of the East" with millennial pop music, and players can check to use it (yes, it’s the one on the cover of the Jerusalem building)

Part of the icons and inspiration are authorized from the Red Dream mod. We would like to express our gratitude to the Red Dream mod for its inspiring significance to this mod


The millennium was already over 20 years ago, during the childhood and adolescence of many players. This mod strives to restore the social style of this period as much as possible, and to make a more detailed portrayal of a rising Eastern power.

Comprehensive reset of China’s national policies
Adjusted the number of factories in China, the United States, Japan, and India. Now, the United States and Japan have higher GDP, and China and India have fewer factories at the beginning
Add China’s social power balance system
Exclusive storyline (to be improved)
More loading images
Change the theme song to the 2008 Beijing Olympics song "Me and You"
More music (mainly created and popular between 2000 and 2015)
Leader avatars and trait reset
More events
The separatist national policy has been reset

Future content to be improved:
Social and national policies
dramatized sequences
China Special Systems
Control the global tension escalation system
International sanctions system

Mod has just been completed (or rather, it is still a semi-finished product), and there must be many bugs. Please point them out. If you have any suggestions or opinions on mod content, please feel free to discuss them in the comments section.

Apart from Chinese, there is currently only one English machine translated version available.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.